About The SourceView Bible


See God’s Word Come Alive As Never Before

The SourceView Bible offers readers the first major innovation in the formatting of the biblical text since the introduction of verses into the scriptures during the Reformation—nearly five hundred years ago. This breakthrough layout highlights the dramatic narrative of the Bible and greatly enhances the reader’s ability to experience the power of God’s story.

Using the New Living Translation (NLT®) of the biblical text, the new SourceView format will greatly enhance your personal reading of and reflection on God’s word. As a study tool it will increase your comprehension of the Bible. Never again will you feel lost in the text. Questions like “Who is speaking?” or “What’s going on here?” will be a thing of the past.

Ideal for small group Bible study and family settings, readers can pick one of the four colors to read aloud together. This is a powerful way to engage God’s word in community. The SourceView Bible’s multicolored layout will deepen and enrich any group reading experience.

The Inspiration Behind The SourceView Bible

This new Bible was developed by David Joel Hamilton, International Vice President for Strategic Innovation at the University of the Nations, Kona, HI.

“My journey that led to the development of the SourceView Bible began in 1997,” David said. “I was leading a group of eager students at the University of the Nations in Richmond, Virginia as part of the three-month Bible Core Course. One day we were scheduled to read three of the four Gospels aloud. Each one took a turn reading a chapter out loud while the others listened. It took two and half-hours to make it through Matthew. I could tell that the group was wearying from the exercise and knew something had to be done to spark up the process or the students would check out before making it through Luke.”

“How could I make the reading more interesting, more dynamic, more alive? I wondered.” Then an idea popped into his mind: divide the students into groups of three and assign to each a particular role to read. One read the words of Jesus. Another read the words of the Gospel writer and the third read everything else. As students began reading Luke with this new set of instructions, a renewed interest and excitement began to build. The inflections of their voices changed as they identified with their characters and the dramatic nature of the narrative took on fresh vigor! It was exciting to observe the change that came over the students.”

This experience eventually led to the development of the SourceView Bible. May this new presentation of the biblical text help you experience the drama of God’s story.

About David Hamilton

David Joel Hamilton, the son of United Methodist missionaries in South America, has served God for more than 30 years in Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Having been raised in a bilingual and bi-cultural context, he developed intuitive cross-cultural sensitivity and a deep desire to see many from developing nations released into leadership. 

David served for nearly 20 years in various international leadership roles for YWAM/ University of the Nations (UofN), including pioneering the first School of Biblical Studies in South America in 1987. From 1998-2002, David, with his wife Christine and their four children, traveled to over 130 YWAM/UofN training locations in more than 91 countries and territories to assist in leadership, course, and curriculum development. David currently serves on the International Leadership Team of the UofN, the Global Leadership Team of YWAM, and is the Vice President for Strategic Development. 

David has co-authored the book Courageous Leaders Transforming Their World with Jim Halcomb and Howard Malmstadt. He also co-authored the book Why Not Women? with Loren Cunningham. He served as one of the senior editors for the NIV Christian Growth Study Bible (Zondervan). 

David is a founder and member of Alliance 2.29 and works on the leadership teams of the One Story Partnership, the International Orality Network, the Strategy Working Group of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization and Call2All. He has contributed to the creation and development of the 4k Framework and the Global Accreditation Association. David and Christine live in Kona, Hawaii.